Strategic Planning Services

Strategic Planning Services

We offer two levels of Strategic Planning Services – The Comprehensive Strategic Review and The Strategic Appraisal.  Either will help you to create a strategic path toward sustainable profits.

Examine Your Potential  → Establish Your Objectives → Specify Your Actions

The Comprehensive Strategic Review

The Comprehensive Strategic Review is the most complete approach to setting your company on the path to sustainable profits.  Together, we will thoroughly examine your business to get a clear understanding of your full potential.  We will guide your planning team through an extensive review of your current state and lead you through the establishment of objectives and the design of strategic initiatives.  We will show you how to craft key performance indicators and metrics to measure your progress and continually evaluate your improvement.  

Step One 

The Comprehensive Strategic Review begins with a wide-ranging examination of your business.  We will meet one-on-one with your company leadership, selected staff, and other stakeholders.  We will review your organizational structure and personnel and help you to compile meaningful data on your company’s historic performance.

Output – The result of Step One will be a Baseline Analysis summarizing your company’s internal strengths and weaknesses, and your external opportunities and threats; as well as key company data and competitive and industry information.

Step Two 

We will facilitate strategic planning sessions involving your carefully selected leadership planning team.  Prior to the planning sessions, each team member will receive a pre-work package that includes the Baseline Analysis; preparatory exercises; and an agenda.

The first focus will be achieving consensus on the company’s Vision, Mission and Values that will be the foundation of all your actions moving forward.  From there, we will lead your team through a thorough, honest and realistic discussion of the challenges facing your company, helping you focus on data, asking difficult questions, and assuring that all perspectives are considered.   

At the conclusion of the planning sessions you will be able to articulate a realistic business model that differentiates your company from its competitors.  You will have:

  • Clear, specific, and compelling objectives;
  • A compilation of actions, programs and policies necessary to attain the objectives;
  • Organizational structures, decision processes, and information systems to support those activities;
  • An allocation of resources;
  • Plans to address contingencies and changes in external environment; and
  • A process to monitor performance, including identification of Key Performance Indicators and consistent metrics.

Output – The output will consist of a Comprehensive Strategic Plan (“CSP”) reflected on a series of scorecards, assigning specific actions to key leaders, including completion dates and criteria to measure success.  The CSP will reflect the consensus of the company’s senior leadership.  The CSP will include a formal internal process to ensure the accountability of the leadership team for the attainment of all objectives.  

The Strategic Appraisal

The Strategic Appraisal is a streamlined approach to jump start your company on the path to sustainable profits.  Though not as far reaching as the Comprehensive Strategic Plan, the Strategic Appraisal evaluates the current state of the business, with the goal of isolating strategic risks and identifying high level objectives.  The Strategic Appraisal may be especially helpful for smaller companies that want to improve their focus.

Step One of the Strategic Appraisal includes written surveys of key team members and stakeholders to be compiled into a Consensus Report of the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as the external opportunities and threats.  

Step Two of the Strategic Appraisal involves a facilitated half-day conference engaging the leadership team in a review of the Consensus Report, leading to the establishment of clear, specific and compelling objectives.  The output will be a single Scorecard reflecting the objectives, the leader responsible for realization, and the completion date.

The Strategic Appraisal provides numerous benefits including:

  • Broadening the company’s focus beyond day-to-day tasks
  • Encouraging candid discussion of critical business challenges
  • Identification and alignment of common objectives
  • Assignment of responsibility and accountability for achievement of objectives
  • Increased confidence in the direction of the business.

Custom Solutions

Every business is unique and there may be circumstances in which a company can profit from a more customized approach.  We can work with you to create a solution tailored to meet your specific needs, yet still providing the key benefits of a Comprehensive Strategic Review or a Strategic Appraisal.