From Stress to A New Vision

From Stress to A New Vision

How are you dealing with the mental stress of the Covid environment?

The disruptions of the past few months have been deep and profound for many, both personally and professionally.  It seems only natural to dwell on what has been lost and to be fearful of the future.  Certainly those who have passed cannot be replaced.  But business and professional impacts can be overcome.

I recently read an article by St John Frizzel, owner of the aptly named Brooklyn drinking establishment Fort Defiance.  He tells the story of pivoting from his thriving bar and restaurant business to found a unique local grocery.  Frizzel drew inspiration from local author Maria Popova, who wrote:  “At watershed moments of upheaval and transformation, we anticipate with terror the absence of the familiar parts of life and ourselves that are being washed away by the currents of change.  But we fail to envision the unfamiliar gladnesses and gratifications the new tide will bring.” 

Frizell seized his opportunity to reinvent his business.  And though he laments the closing of his bar, he is exhilarated by the prospects and new challenges that lie ahead.

How are you handling the stress of the past few months?  Are you stuck regretting the impact of forces beyond your control?  Or are you energized by this unique opportunity to envision new possibilities and an even more rewarding path forward?

I’m collecting stories about how companies are creatively managing through these times.  Please share yours with me – it may help and inspire others.  Or, if you need some help getting unstuck, reach out so we can discuss your path forward.

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