Our Approach

Our Approach

When you hit the pause button on a machine, it stops. But when you hit the pause button on a human, it starts. They start to reflect, to rethink their assumptions….and to re-imagine a better path.”  – Dov Seidman

MA33 Strategies will be your guide as you take each step towards sustainable profits.

If you want to sharpen your focus and improve your performance you need to move beyond your daily tasks.  You need to hit the pause button, take a step back, and reflect. You need to imagine a better path. 

We will work with your leadership team to assess the current state of your business and its environment.  We will help you re-think your assumptions, recognize your opportunities, and specify your goals.  And together we will map the path forward.

The path will be defined by clearly stated objectives and initiatives.   You will establish key performance indicators and metrics to measure and evaluate your progress.  You will embark on a better path.  And you will have renewed confidence in the direction of your business.

Some companies are tempted to try this on their own, but most businesses achieve greater success with the help of an outside facilitator to bring perspective and objectivity to the process.  And even successful companies need to constantly re-evaluate….to hit the pause button and re-imagine a better path.

You can try this on your own, but….

Large companies dedicate entire departments to strategic planning.  But most small and mid-size companies don’t have the time or resources to support that approach.    We will:  

  • Prepare pre-work to get everyone on the same page from the outset
  • Set an objective tone
  • Free the CEO to be a participant in the process
  • Ask difficult but necessary questions
  • Manage the group dynamics
  • Bring an impartial point of view
  • Document the outcome.

After we’ve completed the strategic planning process, we will continue to work with you to assure accountability for execution of the strategic plan and that you remain on the path to sustainable profits.

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I Already Have a Strategy…Six Questions to Ask Yourself

Business success is always in the rearview mirror – the result of past actions and circumstances. The approach your company had five years ago, last year, or even last month, is not guaranteed to yield the same result in the future. Doing what you have always done – without a hard look – poses incalculable danger. No matter your past or current achievements, your future success depends on having a Strategic Plan. Ask yourself….and answer honestly….

  • Do you have a strategy based on facts, data and rigorous analysis, not just intuition?
  • Are you able to concisely articulate that strategy?
  • Can all stakeholders describe the strategy?
  • Are activities throughout the organization aligned with the strategy?
  • Is there a process to assure that all decisions are consistent with that strategy?
  • Have you thoroughly reviewed that strategy within the past six months?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, contact MA33 Strategies now.

The Seven Benefits of a Strategic Plan

  1. Sharpening the direction of the business to sustain or improve performance
  2. Aligning all company resources towards the achievement of defined objectives
  3. Building an environment that encourages honest discussion of sensitive issues
  4. Generating a common and consistent framework for decision making
  5. Creating a context for budget and personnel decisions
  6. Improving information flow to support data-driven decisions
  7. Increasing overall confidence in the direction of the business.

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